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Susan asked in HealthMental Health · 1 decade ago

Anxiety attacks before bed?

Lately I am having a lot of anxiety attacks at night due to daily high stress. I never had anxiety attacks up until recently because I used to unconsciously get my stress out through angry outbursts, but I have stopped doing that and I guess it all builds up inside me and when I'm alone at night before bed it gets out of hand and it is hard to breathe and I start shaking.

It has gotten so bad that I have gone to the E.R. countless times, but it's never very helpful, and I have seen a regular doctor about this, but the doctor has not been helpful.

Since science is of no use here, what are some things I can do for myself to stay calm and not have anxiety attacks? I know I need to eliminate the source of stress, but I cannot do that just yet. The source of my stress has to stay around until I am finished with it (another six months).

Please give me some advice on staying calm. I want to avoid taking drugs everynight, so please try to suggest anything but that.

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    I know how you feel. Your GP, if he is useless, GET ANOTHER GP, anxiety is a nasty condition and you shouldnt have to suffer because he is ignorant/indifferent. You say you want to avopid medication, well you can try having a course of hypnotherapy and learning some deep relaxation - this does help to a degree. Also, althought its not always possible, try and eliminate the cause of the stress in your life, even if its a person who is causing it - get them out of your life if that is the case, your health is precious. Do'nt let external factors destroy your well being. Sometimes a short course of medication CAN be postive. Or you could ask for medication such as Lorazepam which you only need to take at the onset of an attack or when you feel one may be imminent. This may help to train your body to calm down a little, it will certainly help you to think more positively. Please consider everything Ive said, because I suffer from panic attacks myself and I used to have a useless GP. I now have a good one. I combined self help with medication and now my quality of life has vastly improved. Good luck with it.

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    I have anxiety, and when I go to bed, that's when I seem to dwell on it. I took medication for 4 years, but decided that though the meds helped, I wanted to learn to work through it myself. Sometimes that means going to a counselor, or for me, deep breathing exercises. Sometimes that is changing your attitude towards what is causing the stress. Find things that make you happy, pick up a hobby. I still get attacks every now and again, but it came down to finding a doctor that would LISTEN and respect my wishes to not take anything. Your doctor works for YOU. If you feel that what he/she is saying does not help, get a second opinion.

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    the reason you are having your attacks at bedtime becaue your body and mind don't have other things to work with, so you don't think about your troublew until you are quiet and there aren't any distractions.

    I would advise setting up a routien at bed time. Go for a brisk walk two hours before bedtime. Take a a relaxing bath with epson salts.Relax.

    Write a note at your bedside, saying I WILL NOT WORRY TONIGHT I can do it tomorrow.

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    Maybe you could do some high energy exercise after work. Boxercise or someyhing than whatever you are punching you can pretend it is the person or thing that is stressing you out. Also meditation or yoga before bed may help to regulate your breathing. As you get more worked up your breathing becomes worse and you can't seem to catch your breath. Hope this helped

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    For me the Xanax XR they put me on for my night time axienty and the lunesta has helped me sleep decently about 95% of the time. I know there are some different types of nonrug options out there, you may want to talk to a therepist and/or a sleep specialist about your nondrug views and how to conquer your insomnia sans meds.

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    Someone once told me this and I've found it works a lot of times......close your eyes and imagine a broom sweeping back and forth in your the brooom go back and forth...kind of like counting sheep.....imagine the broom sweeping all thoughts out of your head.....continue to imagine this....if anxiety sets back the routine for me often. Good luck Dear.

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    Other then medication, you should find some ways of handling stress, such as work out, relaxation techniques, music, yoga, long hot shower or bath with mineral salts. One glass of wine would not hurt, either.

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    It sounds like your conscious is catching up to you, try being a better person. If you weren't so critical of others all the time you would probably sleep a lot easier.

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