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What is haggis made of ?

And can you point to an online recipe ?


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    Scottish Haggis

    5 pounds pork hearts

    3 pounds pork liver

    2 pounds beef suet

    21 cups oatmeal (3½ pounds)

    2-3 medium onions

    1/3 cup salt

    2½ tablespoons white pepper

    1 tablespoon nutmeg

    Cook hearts and liver in 180-190 °F water until

    tender; do not boil. Remove cooked items. Reserve

    broth, and grind hearts and liver with beef suet

    through ¼-inch plate. Chop onions to a fine pulp.

    Bring the broth to a boil and sprinkle in oatmeal.

    Stir vigorously. To the hot mass add the cooked

    meats, onions, salt and spices. Stuff in moistureproof

    casing and cook for about 3 hours in 170 °F

    water, or until internal temperature reaches 160 °F.

    Chill in ice water and keep at 30-34 °F. NOTE:

    Quite perishable. You may want to cut down on

    the amount of oatmeal.

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    the outer covering is sheep's stomach the rest go to google and type haggis,enjoy your meal

    Source(s): david
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    its made of vegetables and mince inside a sheep's stomach

    Source(s): gowfergold
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