Any thoughts on this theory of evolution?

I don't believe in evolution. I believe humankind came from a golden age that has been lost when the Tower of Babel fell. Humans have not been able to advance back to the Golden Age, yet. We are just now getting technology back from ages long ago.

Any opinions? Do you agree or disagree?


Perhaps, I should write a book on the subject matter.

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    1 decade ago
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    i dont beleive in evolution either...we came from monkeys and amoebas? preposterous!

    and if all i beleive is a fairy tale then so be it...i guess ill find out when i die (as will others)....until then i will keep beleiving in God, and heaven and all that...

    because to be honest Id rather beleive in something as beautiful as heaven...then to die not beleiving and end up in a place as terrible as hell.

    Source(s): to be honest its not the glory if Heaven that keeps me beleiving...Its my fear of Hell. I mean seriously ...who in their right mind would even want to end up in a place like that after they die?
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    In the West, the theory of evolution continues to be promoted as if it were a proven fact or a secure, testable and tested law - something that no-one in their right minds questions any more. This presentation implies that there is no room, let alone any need, for discussion. The most common media cliche is that the evolutionary chain has been confirmed yet again by yet another discovery of the missing link proving human ancestry from apes. Faced with this kind of promotion and presentation, and the sheer pervasiveness of it, it is no surprise if non-specialists come to accept that the theory must be true, and that it must be accepted by all the specialists, the whole scientific community, with no serious doubters. However, that perception is far from the reality. In the first place, the theory lacks completeness on two major counts and there is no likelihood of these deficiencies ever being made up. In the second, there are major voices of dissent from within the scientific community, alongside alternative theoretical explanations which demonstrate a far superior conformity with observed or experimentally obtained data.

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    1 decade ago

    Maybe the golden age was an animalistic age,

    Maybe the great leap forward(30000years ago)was about the time when adam ate the apple and mankind started his journey.

    I think there is a new tower of babel,it wasnt an arrow but a rocket that flew to the heavens.Instead of language becoming convoluted thought and reason is.



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    Strongly, totally, completely disagree! Once paleontology, a branch of science perhaps only 125 years old, has had sufficient time, it will make evident the complete progression in all plant and animal life from earliest times to the present. Even now, it has found sufficient fossil evidence that evolution by many intelligent and knowledgeable people, is considered to be a fact, not just a theory.

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    1 decade ago

    Any proof that such a tower existed? A historical context to place the story in? Proof that this golden age existed? Proof that this technology existed? No? Because they've proven evolution to be a fact. They've got fossil evidene, a very complete family tree that traces the steps from primate to hominid, DNA, etc. Natural selection has been proven to be the primary means by which species change. To answer your question, disagree. Honestly, no offese, where the heck did you get that?

  • 4 years ago

    First, there is more advantageous than -one- idea of evolution. 2d, the idea is our perfect attempt to provide the how, why, and lower than what situations evolution (that is said replace in organic and organic existence sorts through successive generations) can and does ensue. 0.33, evolution is about replace, no longer the introduction of existence. a million - i believe that the theories (plural) are our perfect attempt at explaining why, how, and lower than what situations that variety takes position. i be conscious of that as we proceed to do analyze and observe those adjustments, that we are going to proceed to regulate the theories (or upload to them) to assist us more advantageous positive comprehend the mechanism in the back of the replace. 2 - See merchandise a million. 3 - I go away that to the organic and organic and evolution scientists. i believe that there's a stress, which makes use of the regulations of nature and the universe, that delivered the earth into life. i believe that stress is what maximum folk % out as God. yet, I also see the introduction account as being metaphorical, usually because i believe the meant meaning for the observe day, morning, evening, and so on, grow to be the metaphorical meaning, and under no circumstances the literal meaning (a dictionary enables comprehend those replace meanings). the folk you're addressing are in all possibility YECs, yet regrettably, they do no longer want to settle for what's clearly established through nature all round them. TDs predicted from the literalists.

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    Logic implies that events grow from small to big not vice versa.... creatures evolved to become what they are over billions of years and so is the universe...

    ... the technology we have today is the most sophisticated we ever had ......

    .... scientific evidence backs this. No contradiction between science and religion as the bible is not a science book it is the book that tells us about the love of God for humans...

    ... this love had been writen in a way humans would understand and not meant to be interpreted to direct the minds of humans away from science, after all God is the creator of science!

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    1 decade ago

    You are choosing to believe something in the absence of any evidence.

    If I say, "I believe that elephants secretly fly on a full moon", then I could ask you to prove this wrong.

    Your beliefs are the result of indoctrination and brainwashing, as well as restricted access to mainstream scientific data and research, which has found an overwhelming amount of evidence to the contrary.

    Your mind has been cultured in a bubble of misinformation, and it's time to expand your horizons..

    What's your opinion of my opinion..?

  • 1 decade ago

    You’re exhibiting the symptoms of classic denial, my friend. You want to believe in an omnipotent being. You’re compelled to believe. You’re gifted with what seems like a reasonably intelligent mind, but laboring under the yoke of religion in which intelligence is a liability, it’s completely wasted! Stop looking for fallen trees! Be amazed and awed by the trees that are standing proud and erect. If it is important that you practice your religion as a form of meditation, then please for the good of humanity, leave it at that.

  • Fred
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    1 decade ago

    I have an opinion. I don't know where you came up with this dream, but I think that if you go back to sleep and try again you will come up with something perhaps somewhat less silly.

  • MiD
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    1 decade ago

    So you believe in the virtues of infrastructure as being the saviour of humanity? What is your position on soft culture and mythology?

    What about us? Where we did come from? From the universe somewhere?

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