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Is it harmful to line the inner rims of your eyes with eyeliner?

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    all of these answers were true..but what stop me from doing it? you know when you try to line the inner rim of your eyes, you tend to pull the lower side of your eyes (where your eyes tend to puff) so you can line it well...somebody told me that by doing so, it will make your eyes saggy, and really saggy when you grow old..yikes!:)

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    Lining the inside of your eyes can be a bit tricky since it will produce some tears and may cause "raccoon eyes". The best thing to do is to only line the tops of the eyelids and then apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes. Depending on the color of your eyes, lashes and hair, the color you choose can add drama or just be a subtle enhancement of your beauty. Good Luck!

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    Depends. Sometimes bacteria is carried through your eyeliner and into your eye.

    It is very important that you do not share makeup, because you might get pink eye.

    Other than that, it's no more safer or riskier than anything else.

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    The other answer that you got are true(mostly) if you do share it can give you pink eye. Make sure that you are VERY careful puting it on that you don't get on your EYE!! That could be harmful. So be careful!!

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    No, the ingredients are safe. The problem is not to share it with other people and keep it clean (re-sharpening it, keeping the lid on, etc..) so you don't run the risk of catching an infection!

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    no, as long as u wash it off at the end of the day, ur fine.

  • 1 decade ago could be risking your sight temporarily.

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