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how should i go about making a workout schedule?

how should i go about making a workout program.i box at a local gym and that takes alot out of me especially my legs.and i can't find time to run because my legs hurt so bad and i go to the boxing gym 5 days a week so i gotta save my legs their.but is their any ideas you guys can give me on how to put a schedule together so i can run so much a week.and i need a few days a week to lift weights too.


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    Why not just run in the morning, before your boxing workout?

    Of course, that could cause you trouble in your boxing workout but the point is you need to prioritize and do whats most important first.

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    you need a few days to lift weight..

    but jamall think who is lifting you..?

    ur legs spend some time helping them

    do some exercise and make them strong

    u hav to make ur own schedule cos you are the one who knows ur time and ur work..

    so don forget who is lifting you..

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