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how to learn american english?

i wanna learn american english language with its basics plus grammer. so,if anyone knows plz tell me or else if u have a software u can email me.ok


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    that is basically all you need to know :]

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    I can help you. What do you want to know? I can't offer you any software. Sorry.

    What you need to know is the difference between Verbs, adverbs, adjectives and nouns.

    Verbs are action words and state of being. Anything that is moving is called " Verbs" which is, of course, an action.

    Example: Steve is running.

    This means Steve is moving, which is a verb. Adding (ING) to a word also is a Verb.

    However: My dad runs to the store. My dad is running to the store.

    Both Run and Running are Verbs, but "Runs" tells us that Dad previously runs to the store, while "running" tells us that dad is currently running to the store. This defintion is called Past tense and present tense.

    Adverb describes Verb. It's just an extra expression or additional details.

    However: Daddy foolishly kills the dog.

    The word " Foolishly " is an adverb, and it tells us more than what daddy did than kills the dog; it tells us that daddy stupidly makes a mistake.

    Note: Most adverb words end with the letters "L" and "Y"

    However, sadly, foolishly, additionally, perfectly are all adverbs and they all end with the letters L and Y.

    Daddy foolishly kills the dog. Foolishly ( Adverb) describes Kills ( verb) Daddy (foolishly kills) the dog.

    Adjective describes a Noun.

    However, she is a pretty girl.

    The word "Pretty" is an adjective and the word " Girl" is a Noun"

    The adjective " Pretty" tells us how attractive the noun *Girl" is.

    Noun are people's name, things or places.

    America is a Noun and it is a name of a country.

    Lisa is a Noun and it is a name of a person.

    That's all you need to know about English to speak so people can understand you.

    I highly recommend you to participate in English class for best result.

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    Same as the United Kingdom English. Get a book. Or take classes.

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    Um. . .seems you pretty much know the basics with your question, just learn the idiom and you're good to go

    Plus, you can rent many books/cds at the local library to solve your problem

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    If you live in America. Then you can just watch T.V. or you can listen to the radio. Those are the best to pick up on it. Other wise you can go to this site. They have grammar software..

    I hope I helped you!!! :)

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    Start watching hollywod movies specially cowboy movies, you wont need any book or software.

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