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What would happen if I refused to allow one of my wife's NCOs in our home?

This is a house I own and I got out of the Army three years ago. This NCO thinks she is coming over to our house to inspect it and I think she is mistaken.

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    Call her superiors . You were active-duty military , so you know the drill. . .. Chain of Command .

    But I'd never cave-in to such nonsense , regardless of what she says or anybody else .

  • Technically, they can inspect your home. Like someone else said, your wife is drawing BAH, so in a way, the Army is paying for your home, the same as if you live on post. At our duty station, you are supposed to have your vehicle safety inspected by an NCO every month. If it gets driven on post, they have the right to inspect it. Same kind of concept.

    They just want to make sure you are not living in squalor. My husband questioned this when we lived on post at his last duty station, and the NCO told him he had inspected a home once where a 4 year old boy was sleeping in a bed full of cockroaches. They just want to make sure the soldier is taking care of his/her family and that everything is fine. She's not going to go over your house with a white glove, she's probably just going to glance around and be done.

    You pitching a fit about this will only make your wife look bad at work. It will make things hard on her, and there's no reason for you to do that. How would you like it if she got mad at your boss for trying to do his job? I doubt this particular NCO has it out for you - she's just doing what she's been told by someone else. You were in the Army, you know how it works.

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    This doesn't make sense. Why would someone need to inspect your house? Did someone report something? Simply tell the NCO that you don't give authorization for anyone to inspect your home without proper cause. If the NCO persists, speak with the NCO's commanding officer.

  • Like others have said, if your wife is drawing BAH, they can inspect her living environment.

    This happened to my husband's platoon when he was an E-2, several years ago. The driving force behind it, was that someone in the platoon had the police called to their home for something unrelated, and when the police got there, they found the house to be so filthy that it was, in effect, unlivable.

    The soldier's chain of command was notified, and it was a huge embarassment to the unit. As a result, all barracks, post housing units, and private homes were inspected. They wanted to make sure nothing like that happened again anytime soon. It was a huge headache for everyone, but it was easier to come and let them look around for a few minutes, and be done with it.

    If I had to hazard a guess, I would say that something similar probably happened in your wife's case, too.

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    According to regulations and official rules if the residence is off base then the NCO has no reason to be permitted.

    For all practical purposes however, the same thing is going to happen that would if your wife insulted your boss were you work. It is going to make life a little difficult for her.

    Best to find some middle ground that will keep everybody happy. Let the NCO come over make nice nice for a while then let the whole thing go. You look like a bigger man in your wife's eyes and the NCO did not achieve the purpose of disrupting you guys lives. Are you sure this is worth going to war over?

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    Why does the NCO want to inspect your house? Is the military paying for it? Is there more to the story?

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    EVERY PERSON who just said that the NCO actually has the right to inspect your home is an IDIOT. Please come here and fill out this ID ten T form. I also have a BA 1100 N for you.

    I'd tell the NCO to kiss my ***, and THEN find out who this NCO's boss is. This way, if that NCO tried to make your wife's life difficult, you can blackmail her and threaten to call her boss, OR go OVER her boss' head and skip a few levels in the chain of command.

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    Your wife NCO has the right to come and look at her enviorment. She is receiving bah. That's as if she is living in the barracks. She is inspecting her area not yours. She can only look at the rooms that you let her into. Be careful because she can make your wife's life a living hell at work. You were there you know.

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    Tell the NCO to grab a clip board cause your going to inspect the barracks LOL

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    There is nothing they can do. You are on private property, and if you don't wish them in your house, then they are not allowed. If they try to force their way in, call the police. Since you say that you purchased the house, and it's not government quarteres, there is not a lot that they can do. If it was gov't quarters, then the service member can invite them in, and there's nothing that you can say about that. Gov't quarters belong to the gov't and can be inspected.

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    You live offpost in your own home and she wants to inspect it.

    You do NOT have to allow anybody in your home. EVER.

    Tell her you want to see written orders directing her as to why this home is to be inspected. She's full of crap.

    You are a civilian, they have NO control over your territory.

    They cannot at any time enter your home.

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