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I'm not a very girly girl, with not a lot of female friends, but have been talked into having a baby shower. I've decided to go out for dinner, but i dont know if i should be organising something you have a cake? Should there be games, or does everyone just show up? I'm really confused and never been to a baby shower before!


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    If it is you that is having the baby, you are in luck! Whoever it is that "talked you into" having a baby shower should be the person who is throwing it for you, so you don't have to do anything. Let her plan it and worry about things like games and cake. You just show up looking pregnant and adorable. You should know that it is considered a faux-pas to throw your own baby shower - if someone talked you into throwing one for yourself, she was a little misguided in her advice.

    If you have been talked into throwing a baby shower for someone else, I hope it was not an expectant mother! It is also incredibly rude to ask someone else to host a baby shower in your honor. This is an outright solicitation for gifts.

    If you are indeed hosting a baby shower for someone else, and have decided to have it at a restaurant, you will need to call them ahead of time and let them know how many people will be attending the shower. Ask them whether they have a separate room for parties and whether they will allow you to bring in your own cake and/or decorations. Ask them also whether you are required to purchase a buffet for your guests in order to use the party room, or if each guest will be able to order a la carte.

    General order of business for a baby shower: guests arrive, and a couple of games are played to break the ice and get guests in a "baby" sort of mood. After games, guests visit the food table. When mom-to-be has finished eating, she should open gifts in front of everyone, preferable while they still have food in front of them. Then it's all about mingling and congratulating. If you are indeed having the baby shower at a restaurant, I would skip the games, especially if it is a co-ed baby shower. But this is really personal preference, and you can do a Google search and view hundreds of baby shower games to choose from. I would pick games that aren't too noisy or chaotic in order to be considerate of other guests at the restaurant.

    I am sure the baby shower will be wonderful - enjoy!

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    i don't have many girlfriends either you're not the only one ..but i love baby showers! ..usually a baby shower consists of girls, snacks, punch, games, gifts, and giveaways could go out to dinner if you would like but i think a casual lunch would be best ..sometimes the mommy-to-be gets a little tired during the night time ..and plus if this baby shower is going to be held soon could be outdoors in the sunny weather!

    you could have a garden party at someone's house which is less expensive and less hectic than a restaurant ..and just more personal and comfortable for the mommy-to-be ..

    a cake would be a good idea to have ..after all it is a celebration ..or you could make cupcakes ..just so there's something sweet and you don't have to blow out any candles ..

    games are fun to play are some suggestions:

    baby food game -this is a couple game person is blindfolded ..the other is feeding them a spoonful of the baby food ..and the person blindfolded guesses what kind of baby food it is ..person with the most correct answers win!

    baby bottle game -get cheap 4 oz bottles and fill them with juice (or if you wanna have more fun ..fill with a shooter) ..line up a couple of people and they race to see who can drink all the liquid in the baby bottle first!

    dont say 'baby' game -when people come give them a safety pin or a ribbon that can go around your neck like a necklace ..and if you are caught saying 'baby' at all ..that person takes your safety pin or necklace away ..and the person who has the most at the end of the shower ..wins!! this helps people meet and mingle with others.

    baby raffle - tell everyone in advance that there is going to be a raffle ..and in order to be a part of the raffle they must bring a pack of diapers with them to the shower ..the mommy-to-be will love this! she'll have lots and lots of diapers for when the baby comes and save her a lot of money!!

    good luck!! and whatever you do ..the mommy-to-be will appreciate anything!! as long as there's food =)

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    I think that having a baby shower is such a good way to celebrate the fact that your bringing a child into this world. I would suggest that you do have games and food to snack on. Maybe you should also consider if the guests you are inviting have children, because you might want to change the setting so that everyone in your baby shower will be comfortable maybe like a park, or a back yard. Hope this gives you an idea.

    Source(s): Previous experiance, family members who have had a baby shower
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    WHO is pregnant? The person(s) giving the shower are the ones who handle details. Usually a theme is in the baby's room, which is a good idea. Like Big Bird -- yellow walls with birds all over or one big yellow bird painted on one wall; the invitations are usually yellow w/ Big Bird on it.

    If you have a male/female dinner shower, who pays for what (you flipping the bill for all????) needs to be decided first. NO ALCOHOL for the mommy-2-B! Ppl can get 2gether and have a cake waiting to be brought out for dessert. Money can be donated for the baby expenses, or gifts can be brought if customers/friends want to carry that through a restaruant (they should help mommy carry it out and then into her home also).

    But men are invited to baby showers these days, especially if they are close friends. Dads are responsible for creating so men should not be left out!

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    I 'threw' a baby shower for my sister-in-law. It took some organising but it can be as full-on or as quiet as you want.....

    We just had an afternoon tea with nibblies and wine (coffee/tea too). I organised a few games during the afternoon. Games at that kind of thing aren't for everyone so I suggest you do something thats fairly easy without making a fool out of anyone.....

    Games we played were;

    1. a word scramble - all words to do with babies, scramble them up and have your guests unscramble them (you will have to supply the words, paper & pens) I think I used a list of about 20 words...makes it interesting

    2. another thing I did was printed up a piece of paper with a few colums lined on it and had the guests write down what they thought the sex of the baby would be/how heavy & maybe what they might call the baby once born.....pass that around all night and then maybe read out everyone's guess at the end of the night - makes for something nice for the mother-to-be to keep too

    3. something else we did that same day was - although it can get expensive - I bought little items of baby clothing (ie sock/singlet/bibs/ etc) all in white and ask your guests to design something for the baby - you will have to supply fabric pens & have an article of clothing for everyone....

    Hope this helps! Good luck! Have fun! Don't stress!!

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    I recently delivered a diaper cake to a group of people throwing the shower at a local restaurant. They reserved a section of the outdoor patio for their event!! They were able to decorate the area....and placed decorations and gifts on a longer table at one end of the patio. They also were able to put out balloons and centerpieces on each of the tables in their section. Since their area was seperate....they were able to pretty much do WHATEVER they wanted during their shower.

    So...if you are planning a baby shower I would say try to find a restaurant like this. One that has outdoor seating (but, perhaps, covered in case it rains or it's really sunny that day!!). Try to start your shower after the lunch rush....this way the restaurant won't mind handing over their patio to you!!

    Show up 30-45 minutes ahead of time to decorate!! Be sure to have strong hands available to lift heavy gifts both on the way in and way out!! (Don't assume the restaurant is going to lend you strong arms....however they may lend you a hand truck to help with that unassembled glider Aunt Carol has craftily wrapped but can't manage to get out of her trunk!!)

    Games....I would keep it very simple. Someone above mentioned having everyone pass around a chart with everyone's guess about weight, DOB, height, name, etc.. GREAT activity at a restaurant shower. Other great activities would be a nice toast to the new family....and a "Letters To Baby" activity that would involve having nice stationary and pens set out at the gift table for guests to write a nice note to the celebrant!! After the shower these notes can be bound or scrapbooked as yet another great gift for the parents and the baby to enjoy down the road!!

    Hey....if you need decoration ideas. Consider a diaper cake! I make custom cakes designed to match the shower theme or baby's nursery decor! I offer personlized touches other companies just don't have....embroidered onesies, towels, blankets. Monogrammed items, too!! Each cake I make is as distinct and unique as the baby being celebrated!!

    Have fun planning the shower.....

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