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Am I Pregnant?

I'm 19 and me and my fiance have been TTC since october after a loss in august. My period is exactly two weeks late today, and i have been having daily nausea and minor cramps and iI have an achy back allll day long! I took a HPT the day my period was due but it was neg. Im going to take another one in a day or so but I haven't had time to go to the store yet. Also i have been having insomnia i dont fall asleep until like 8 or 9 am is it normal to have insomnia in early pregnancy? I thought i was suposed to get over tired? lol

OH and my last period was March 15 and lasted 5 days.

Do you think i can be pregnant?

wish me luck and baby dust!

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    i think you might be

    my wife is the same

    same symptoms and the whole thing with the period

    get a pregnancy test and see what happens

    hang in there

    good luck

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    On the day your period was due you might not have built up enough pregnancy hormone yet. You should have plenty by now, so when you test again your result will be pretty accurate.

    It sounds like your chances of being pregnant are pretty good, especially since your period is missing. Get to the store and buy that test already!!!

    Good luck and keep us posted!

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    you could very well be pregnant! if you have a normal mentrual cycle then being two weeks late could be a big sign! You're probably not sleeping because you're anxious to know if you're pregnant or not! hehe ..i say if you're boobs hurt're pregnant ..good luck ..and try to relax and don't think about it too much will happen when it happens ..take care!!

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    This sounds VERY promising.

    *sprinkles you with luck and baby dust*

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    I think you are take another pregnancy test.

    sending lots of baby dust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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