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what is best web stat ?

i'm webmaster of ( best fashion website directory : features an extensive biographical information of fashion designers, fashion photographers, fashion magazines, fashion schools, universities, colleges and best models )

I want to know best stat and best statistices of my website.

does google have a free web stat or not ?

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    use Google Analytics -

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    The best way of getting web stats is to sign up for adsense. You then get stats on page impressions and can easily see which pages are popular.You are allowed 3 adverts for content on each page. Use a rectanglular advert on each page - they can be used for video adverts as well as text and image adverts. You can also use link adverts, and the adverts for Google thing like their software pack and referals. You will see a "This site reccomends Google adsense" logo on my site - click that - a sort of silver advert and that will take you to the sign up page. You then make each page a channel. You can also do blogs on Blogspot and make those channels too. You can also do a personal website on Googlepages and put adsense on and make those channels too. Remember to make each page a channel. You can make the whole site a channel - but that can be a little confusing.

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