While I'm shopping,my daughter?

When I go to the shop I usually spend about half an hour shopping for the whole week and one hour driving.During that time my daughter is at home,in her crib,sleeping.The door and the windows are locked and her room is secure.If she wakes up,she plays with a ball or something.When I come home everything is OK.Is there a reason why I shouldn't do it?I know it is illegal but if noone knows and everything is secure,is there a problem?

PS my daughter is 6 months old

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    There are lots of reasons. House Fire. Choking. Kidnapping. Learning to climb out of the bed...

    Please don't do this to her anymore. Protect her. It's your job.

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    This is just a 'stab in the dark'...but...do think that maybe...just maybe... there is a reason it is illegal? Hello!!!! You are begging for Child Protection Services to knock on your door! So what if your windows are locked...burglars can still get in! What if you are in a car accident? What if your car breaks down? What if there is a FIRE!!! Just because your house is not under threat doesn't mean the next door neighbours house can't catch alight! What happens if your daughter wakes up due to teething or a loud noise and spends an hour screaming uncontrollably! What is so hard about taking your daughter with you? Shes asleep anyway! Look after your child! You are only thinking of yourself and your precious need to go to the shops on your own and have some space probably... you are supposed to put your children first you deadbeat irresponsible idiot! She is helpless! Wake up to yourself!

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    YES there is something wrong with this, thats why it is illegal. So many different things can happen in the hour and a half that you are gone. Let me give you some examples; Theres a short in the lamp plug it ignites a fire.Can your baby evacuate.??????????? NO. someone breaks into your house and gets startled by your baby and shoots him/her. No more baby. Being a parent is a responsibility but more importantly a blessing and a gift. Quit being a cheapskate get a babysitter or even better take your baby shopping with you. How much trouble can it be? Shes only six months old.

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    Sir, I must say I don't normally let questions bother me so much but this one hit a nerve. As a parent and I mean this in the kindest way, you have a duty and a calling to raise and protect this child from harms way. What would happen if someone broke into your home while you were gone and found your daughter and took her? How would you explain to the police why you weren't home to protect her, if your shopping trips are so darned important to you find a sitter and or take her with you. Are you ashamed of your little girl for some reason that you want to keep her at home? Man If I were there near you right now I would look for a 2x4 because you need to be smacked. Being a minister I shouldn't feel this way but I am also a parent and wouldn't dream of being so careless with the gift God has given me. I take our daughter with me many places and even at the age of 4 she is well behaved in public. Please find a babysitter or take her with you. So many scenario's can happen including fire, burglary, and much more.

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  • Iris
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    1 decade ago

    No, that's not even a little bit ok. Everything is NOT secure. Way too much could happen in that amount of time! I wouldn't leave an infant that small alone, especially without a monitor, for more than a few minutes.

    Hire a nanny. Hire a babysitter. Ask a friend to come watch her. Take her with you. But DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BABY ALONE. You need to take your daughter's safety seriously. She is helpless and completely dependent on YOU to keep her safe. If she gets hurt because of your neglect her little life could be ruined or ended before it has truly begun, and you will be put in jail. This is a serious matter. Maybe you would benefit from reading some books on adjusting to being a mommy, or on parenting and taking care of infants. There is nothing more important that you can do in life than do the best job possible as a mother to your little one. Please don't betray the sacred trust of motherhood. Your baby needs you to protect her.

    Post partum depression can cause mothers to be apathetic toward their babies or even angry at them. Might want to ask your doctor about that.

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    Besides the fact that there could be some kind of problem with the house, or you might be in an accident and nobody there with your child, you are missing out on an opportunity to get ALL the women to smile at you in the grocery store..!!! Look for a cute outfit for baby and make sure she looks and smells good and you two can have a nice adventure at the store. Be sure to take a bottle and pacifier. Women take notice of a man who is taking good care of a baby. Have fun and no more leaving baby home.

  • Rachel
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    1 decade ago

    what if you are in a car accident and unconscious for hours? Who will know the baby is on her own?

    What if there is an electrical fire. The neighbours come and see your car gone. No need to worry because of course the baby is with him

    what if she manages to find something, puts it in her mouth and chokes to death?

    what if she gets suddenly sick ?kids can go from well to very sick in an amazingly short time

    What type of father leaves his baby alone for 1.5 hrs while he goes shopping?????A bad one. Don't have more kids if you can't look after the one you already have. Children are humans, not dogs that you leave at home with a bowl of water (you aren't even leaving nourishment) while you go shopping. Step up as a human being and take care of your baby. I hope someone reports you so your baby will be taken care of

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    There are so many things that could go wrong. Who knows what could happen, she could choke on something and stop breathing or something and who would be there to help her? The great thing about kids is that they almost always sleep in the car as the vibrations put them to sleep. That would make for an hour of peace, and no guilt about leaving her home alone. Also, my daugher is almost 6 months old and she loves to ride around in the cart when I am shopping.

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    I don't think this is a real situation at all. If you were leaving you child and I knew who you were, I would be calling Social Services about this.

    What about if your child suddenly became ill and choked on her vomit, became seriously ill with something like meningititis and you weren't there to spot the warning signs, or managed to get out of cot and fell down some stairs, or someone broke in and kidnapped her, or killed her...

    It's illegal for many reasons, those are just a few.

    Would you have wanted to be left completely alone at six months old?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yikes! Please tell me this is a joke. A 6 month old is extremely vunerable at this age.

    First of all she could be scared when she wakes up

    Second, there could be a disaster or an emergency, what would she do?

    I could go on....please be more responsible with this precious child. Get a good baby carrier and bring her along. There's a great one called the "ERGO." I have one and bring my son everywhere in it. He's safe and we both have fun.

    Source(s): do a search for "Ergo baby carriers."
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    I think the main reason this is considered risky is that she might have something go wrong.

    If this is for you to have some "time to yourself" maybe use the nap time for something new in the house (yoga, tai chi, reading).

    Certainly in a few months she will have the potential to climb out of the crib and maybe get into some trouble she will need you around to prevent.

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