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how do you boil an egg without water????


i knew da answer... but i'm just asking everyone who might know if there is another way to make boiled egg without water...

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    There is a way to boil an egg without water, an english inventor just did it. Click the link to read more about it http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/wiltshire/60403...

    With all those lights it's probably an effective cure for SADS as well..

    I, for one, welcome our new egg overlords.

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    Break the egg into a microwave poacher and prick the yolk. Cook on the appropriate time and there you have a microwave boiled egg. Pricking is vital unless you want a massive explosion and egg all round the room for weeks to come.

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    What would you like to use , fruit juice ? you could use tea or coffee,but that is water again.May I ask what is the point of this exercise ,water conservation ? do you know cooled water after boiling an egg is good for indoor plants ?

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    Put the eggs in a steamer i.e. steam them

    Source(s): I worked as a chef and would always prefer to do the same if I had to boil large quantities of eggs. It is not messy, very little breakages and time saving as you dont have to transfer the eggs to water and pour all the water out. The come out really nice.
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    use oil to fry d egg

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