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Could it be Anemia?

Lately I find it really hard to go through a day without taking a nap sometime in btw, i get really tired n get huge headaches if i dont, i've also noticed lately dat i suddenly get very cold i start shaking out of no where, even when the temp seems to be fine for everyone else. it takes a long time for me to fall asleep and usually dont get enough sleep at night, my lips are always chapped and bleeding, i sometimes feel very dizzy sitting up or getting up from bed.. a friend told me it could be anemia..could it be that im anemic??

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    could be, one easy way to tell is look in the bathroom mirror, if your tounge is white instead of pink you have low iron, and you need to see your doctor.

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    ... look under symptoms on this page. But this is no diagnosis. You really need to get in to see your own doctor and have this investigated right away.

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    whatever it is it cant be good so you should go see a doctor

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