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Is it a liberal family value to call your 11 year old daugher a pig without any brains or decency?

of a human being because she won't return your phone call on time?


Oh come one, everyone knows Alec Baldwin is a far-left hollywood liberal elitist. If the liberals can say conservatives are wackos because of Mel Gibson's drunken rants than what about Alec Baldwin's sober ones?

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    What does the actions of a loser scumbag have to do with Liberal Family Values? I fail to see the connection. Who made him the model for family values? I must have missed that vote.

    How did this become a partisan issue?

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    What??? The media has got you whooped man. Who cares? Just because a celebrity lost his cool everyone is all hot headed now. Haven't you ever lost your cool? I called my 11 year old cousin things because he was acting like a little bastard. I was 16 at the time but still.

    Focus on your own life, quit worrying about what the next celebrity says. None of your business.

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    I don't know, we all have are own values, and stay out of other citizens lives.

    Alec Baldwin's statements are his, no one speaks for all Liberals, unlike some other groups

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    He had every right to get upset. Kids today have NO respect for their parents, and this kid was manipulated by momma crazy-pants to do that to her father. But I guess conservatives must not believe in disciplining their children either if their going to use this event as a means to malign a liberal. What would you have done in his situation? You'd be nothing but peaceful and understanding, I'm so sure.

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    no, it's a wacko person that is mean. There are no "family values" in this moron's head.

    Wow, I'm sticking up for liberals!

    Signed, a Conservative

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    No matter what kind of value it is, it should have been left between the two of them. It is a family issue, and whoever leaked it was TOTALLY making a chess play.

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    I know aborting your unborn children are liberal family values. I know having homosexual relations in front of your children are liberal family values. I would not be surprised if cursing out your children are liberal family values.

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    He was almost sure his Liberal news media Brothers would Not play this again and again! They Eat their Own!!!!

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    An 11 year old daughter that does not call on time worries her parents to death. THAT IS MEAN

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