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I've been suffering from trichotillomania since i was 12 and now i'm 18. I need help coz it's getting worse...

I've tried stopping but it only lasted for a few months , then i resume pulling again. It has been like this for me since i was 12 years old but now i'm 18 and i dont want to continue being like this. I really need help coz i dont wanna live like this .. besides i'm shy and i have low self esteem because of this hair pulling disorder..I've tried all sorts of treatment from going to the psychologist and "mediums". The "mediums" said that i was possessed but i just dont believe all those craps. I am a born again Christian and i have tried praying but still i can't control my urge to pull my hair. I pull my hair and eat the hair shaft and this have been my so called "hobby". But this "hobby" of mine is turning me into an ugly girl. I have to cover my very big bald patches by wearing a scarf all the time when i go out and to school too. I've been to a psychologist and he said it was stress related but now i think it's my bad habit coz i keep putting my hands on my head and pull my hair.

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    In chess tournaments, if you touch a chess piece you HAVE to move it even if you don't want to. I used to have a bad habit of reaching for the first piece I was thinking about, but that was losing me games so I started sitting on my hands. I know it sounds silly, but it worked. Also try pulling your hair back into a very tight pony tail and wear bandanas. Just interrupt the habit for a long enough time that it is no longer a habit. Good luck

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    Ok first things first.... I agree that you're not possessed. I've been pulling my hair since I was 6 (I'm 25 now) and though I have no eyelashes and no eyebrows, I have my hair on my head again (yay!) I tried the whole antidepressants route, which was a miserable and utter failure. They made me sick to my stomach, which made me irritable, which made me frustrated, and it went downhill from there and compounded the problem. Then one day it occurred to me that I'm getting very frustrated right when I'm going to pull my hair out. Then I thought to myself, "What do they give to people who have uncontrollable frustration all of a sudden?" The answer is... Xanax. What is is for? It's for panic. Why did I come to this conclusion? Not a freakin clue. But anyways, I talked to my doctor about it, and she thought it was a novel idea, and we tried it. First we tried the regular dosage of Xanax, but that only worked when I was having "pulling fits." (Those days when you feel like plucking youself entirely bald.) So she suggested Xanax XR which is Xanax, but in an extended release form, so you get the same dosage, just over 24 hours. This was an absolute godsend. Not the "I'm not longer possessed" type of godsend, but still pretty darn good. The habit therapy thing is pretty useless after you've been pulling for so many years - it's really more effective for people who have just started. At this point, the only words of wisdom I have for you are that there are many worse things in the world that could be wrong with you. After all, it's only hair, it always grows back. (So hey, you can always pull it again too, so there's perk!) And being ladies, we're always awesome at hair and makeup, so guys are usually too obtuse to notice anyhow. So enjoy life for what it is - you only get one. Good luck kiddo! ~jaime

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    I actually have this problem as well. There wasn't a disorder associated with it when I first started having symptoms as a young teen. after having my children I even started pulling some of their hair. it is a constant battle and i have to make myself leave the bathroom or I can't get away from plucking my eyebrows too much or making a bald spot in my head. the best advice I can give is to try to keep it contained to your pubic region where it is most easily hidden. i also instead of just random pulling have "trained" myself to look for odd man out type hairs...really thick, really course, differrent color, new growth/too short etc. If you can do it when you go to the bathroom it takes up time but no one wants to sit there forever. good luck!

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    Go and see a good hypnotherapist and they should be able to deal with this behaviour.

    This is a learned behaviour since it began at the age of 12. A hypnotherapist should be able to locate and remove the cause. By the way, don't be surprised if the cause was actually earlier than age 12. Often cause and onset of behaviour are not the same timeframe.

    See link for more info.

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    Trich can be halted with antidepressant ssri's such as celexa.

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    wats trichotillomania.

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