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dialect spoken in puebla?

I met a couple from puebla who didnt speak spanish but a diffrent language I believe they saidn was "watsoo"? do you have any info on this language?


of course they spoke spanish,what i meant was that this couple was not speaking spanish but something else and when i asked the guy in spanish what language he was speaking he told me "that its watsoo a dialect spoken in puebla"

Update 2:

voy a preguntar esto en yahoo mexico

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    Nahuatl (pronounced Na-wahl) is the most likely language. It was the language of the Meshica (mexica), or as most people know them.........Aztecs. It isn't a dialect though, it's an entire language. Some examples of it are found within Mexican Spanish, mostly those hard to pronouce names with tripthongs, like Cuoutemoc, Moctezuma (we turned that one into Montezuma) I hope that I'm speling these right! Netzacoytl, and other words like esquinctle (young kid) I belive that Quique (Kee-kay) is another one. The wikepedia site that i included is pretty helpful. The languages are listed on the right. One more thing........everybody in Mexico speaks Spanish (like 99.9 %). Some speak a second language such as Nahuatl or Otomi

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    there are various human beings who talk German in Mexico, besides the indisputable fact that this is a small component to the inhabitants that does. And we in maximum cases talk it at homestead, if we do. Many others talk the language as a 2d or third language. there are various German agencies in Mexico (VW, BASF; Siemens) the place German is a plus. usually talking, this is descendants from German, Austrian or different immigrants that settled right here. besides the indisputable fact that this is in comparison to you are able to stroll down the line and discover human beings talking the language. submit to in techniques that there are literally hundreds of Mexicans from distinctive ancestries contained in the rustic. purely purely like america, Mexico has welcomed multiple immigrants for the time of the centuries. So, there are some human beings that talk distinctive languages.

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    There are different dialects of indigenous Indian dialects..the only one i am familiar with is otomi

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    I am 100% sure that they speak Spanish since i have been there.

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