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A guy wants to date me.........?

So there's this guy who is 25 years old and wants to go out with me and be his gf. He's not bad, but i'm only 18.....and he's a bit old for me....right? What should I do? Help me pls!!!

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    .....give it a go!I met this guy when I was 19 he was 27 at the time....despite the age gap we clicked, we had so much in common, we broke up, but stayed friends for five years, started going out again then actually married!!!!We are still happily choice I ever made!

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    Dear Friend

    Age of that guy is too much to you. I belive he some other ideas with him to take you out.

    To Ignore this situation you can do several things.

    You can lie to him. You tell him you have a partner and he wants to take you out or your parents do not like this relation ship like some thing. Other wise you can tell him you will have a exam therefroe you are busy with your studies.

    If you are brave enough tell him the real truth.That is you do not like to go with him out.

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    Nah, don't go out with him. I think he just wants to feel that he can still get young ladies and makes his image look good. And maybe because he has no luck with women his age. Because he's older, he may use his age and experience against your relationship. Just let him know that you're flattered that he wants you as his gf, but you're just not ready for relationships.

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    Age doesnt mean a whole lot if you like him, that decision would have to be yours but its only 7 years and thats not that much of a difference.

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    hes looking for and excpecting sex, if your ok with that than date him. If not than dont. this is not to say that the relationship would not last for a while because you both may be happy and compatible, but I am saying that if you are not sexually active or willing to be than the relationship wont last because I am sure that guy is.

    Source(s): im 26 and a guy. I have dozens of friends who are guys and they are my age. The only reason they would go out with an 18 yr old is because the girl is hot and they want some sex.
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    It's a bit old IMO. How did you meet him? Do you like him aswell? Can you provide a bit more information about this?

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    dont judge him because of his age give him a change age doesnt matter

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    taking more information is good then making relationship with any unknown person...

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    No! Don't go out with him! You're too young for him. And he's too old for you.

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    go on a date with him....age doesnt matter

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