Where did my saved homework save to?!?!?


So the worst thing that could possibly happen so it seems has just happened!

I worked all weekend long, so hard on a marketing plan for my class, and finished it and it was done so well!

I just went to email it to myself to print tomorrow at school, and for some reason the old extremely unfinished version is the one that sends!

Believe me, I saved it...a billion times...I save almost every two minutes!!

I had emailed the unfinished one before to myself and worked on it, sent that updated one to me again, worked more on it finishing it, and now have the 2nd stage one!

I checked my received files already as well as my desktop.

PLEASE someone help me or I a might fail this class!



Nevermind...not that anyone was answering anyways lol

I found it in search.

THANK GOD the crying can stop! lol

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    1 decade ago
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    Am so glad you found it! I have only just read this question else I'd have responded sooner but if this ever happens again, go to Start > Search and search for the file using either its name or even a phrase use within the document. Searching by date in this case would be quickest.

  • 1 decade ago

    Oops... that's quite bad. If you remember the name of the file, search for it on your whole computer. Just hope it's somewhere there. But sometimes it happens that files simply vanish. I guess it was MS Word because sometimes it did that to me too.

    If you have norton protection installed, look into the recycle bin because there are also some temporary files in it.

    If you have a second drive, install a data recovery prog on it and check the drive you saved your work on.

    Good luck!!!

  • 1 decade ago


    I am happy for you!

    If you could please indulge us with the path where the application might have accidentally saved the file into (this is where 'search' took you). This is for the benefit of those who may stumble on the same scenario and possibly provide the solution or prevention of replicating such in the future.

    I am glad that the potential crying has stopped :-)


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