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Is positive emotional stability related to job performance?

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    No one could have some maniac upsetting the works apple cart or being manipulative insome way , sleeping with the boss for instance and it dsent relate to job performance just manipulation over everyone

    Are you experiencing this a t work , time to consult a therapist and put opposition into place before it becomes too entrenched If it has already think about leaving and jump too if it starts to happen in your next job leaving it tooo late is disatiourous youve gor to be thinking ahead and head them off at the pass and be brave because their are plenty of sleepers who will tell you your being paraniod but whenit all gels expect you to pull themmout of the excrement but dont let them sink witht he restfor being cowards and not supporting you they learn eventually

  • Iris
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    1 decade ago

    Probably so. When you're positive you tend to be more productive. Depressed people tend to be lethargic and less creative.

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