is there anyother cause of fainting while giving blood?

hi, i got ideal weight according to my height and my blood preasure and pulse rate is normal but when i tried donating blood for the first time, i got what could be the reason?

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  • rosieC
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    1 decade ago
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    This happened to my daughter recently while donating blood. The main reason for her fainting and yours most likely, is due to anxiety about the needle puncture and the sight of blood.

    No, there's nothing physiologically wrong with you. It's just a question of a little anxiety or the feeling of being squeamish about blood donation; fear and apprehension. Obviously, the nurse refused to continue. My daughter explained about her obvious fears and anxieties about blood in general. She screams hysterically whenever she sees somebody cut themselves accidentally. She was advised not to attempt to donate blood anytime soon or even in the near future.

    Maybe you might overcome your fear and be successful in donating some other time.

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    It could be the anxiety of giving blood. Even when you really want to do it, the first time can be a little nerveracking.

    You also need to be well hydrated and have eaten something before giving blood, and immediately after, have some juice and cookies. That is really important.

    It also could have been low blood sugar.

    You should also see your doc, because you fainted... have your blood checked for your iron.

    Licenced paramedic

  • 1 decade ago

    Did you faint before or after the donation was completed? Some people just pass out when it comes to needles and blood.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    -low iron

    -low potassium



    -low blood sugar

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