My 1st time to Los Angeles on a free and easy. A lot of Qs to ask , i need advise...?

i am planning for a trip for 2 (2 weeks) to LA this May/June . But 1st time, what hotels u recommend? i looking at something clean, safe , easy accessible and of cos cheap.(mayb US$100 or less per night?) .. i dont know what is the range...

also, i like to rent a car to drive... which rental company is cheap and good?

and what places to visit dur my stay?

which part of LA should i stay? I keen to visit disneyland and universal studios..

i also planning to drive from LA to LV. Will the trip be long? And also, any good shopping malls to buy bargains stuff?


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    Rental cars: The rental car business is highly competative so the rates are fairly equal from most companies. Budget, and Enterprise tend to have rates slightly lower than most. Don't buy the "Collesion Damage Waiver" insurance if your credit card offers this protection. If you are traveling alone I would suggest a compact or an intermediate size. The sub-compact is too small, and anything larger will be more expensive. Currently gasoline is roughly $3.50 per gallon

    Shopping Malls: If you are looking for great bargains on quality merchandise may I suggest that you visit factory outlet stores. You said you are driving to Las Vegas, and you will pass by two outlets on the way. "Ontario Mills Outlets" is in the city of Ontario and it contains 173 different name brand factory outlet stores. "Barstow Factory Merchants Outlets" is in the city of Barstow (not quite half way to Las Vegas), and it contains 95 different stores. For more information about them do a web search of "Factory Outlet Stores in Southern California".

    Las Vegas: Las Vegas is about 270 - 280 miles from Los Angeles. The highway you will use is Interstate 15, and parts of it are posted construction zones. In California traffic ticket fines are doubled in construction zones and can easily cost over $1100. Don't speed in construction zones. Lodging is less expensive Monday - Thursday, food is cheaper at restaurants away from "the Strip". Once there you can probably figure out what you want to do, but if you want to attend a show is is best to make a reservation in advance. Welcome to Southern Cal., and enjoy your stay.

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    Lots of questions so I'll answer the ones I can!

    When all else fails, Best Westerns are *usually* a great option if you're looking for decent price and decent rooms. The issue is that ANY hotel you look at that is near major attractions is going to be a bit pricier, so it's best to look a few miles away. Any of the major hotel Web sites should be able to find you the best mix of location and price (;;; etc.)

    Disneyland and Universal Studios are clear across the valley from each other. I would recommend changing hotels mid-trip, staying near Disneyland for part of it and nearer to Universal Studios the rest. If you're interested, Six Flags Magic Mountain is not too far away from Universal.

    It's about a 3-4 hour drive to Vegas from LA, depending on what part of LA you're leaving from and whether you're headed there on a Friday night. It's a pretty easy drive, as I-15 is the major part of the drive, but it's real crowded on a Friday.

    Source(s): Years and years of trips to LA (I live in Northern California)
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