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When I feel isolated or lonely, what shall I do ?

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    Occupy yourself with a hobby. Do some thinking and learn to be happy by yourself so you do not have to depend on others to make you feel good.

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    Pick up the phone and start calling people.

    Get out of the house for awhile if you have no one to call, even if you just walk around the neighborhood.

    Longer term you need to increase your social life. It's all about people.

    One way is to attend clubs or organizations that have to do with your interests, recreation, charity, or whatever.

    Such activities help you get together with people regularly. Over time you get to know them as friends or a support network. Some groups might work for you, others may not.

    It takes TIME to build good friends so you have to keep at it for a long time.

    You can also read other articles about friendship and coping with loneliness on the net or in the bookstore. Or investigate other loneliness questions on Yahoo Answers.

    We all are in the same boat. You need to tweak your circumstances to help with your loneliness.

    I hope my thoughts help you. Good luck. :)

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    Always keep yourself busy with something you like to do, for instance listening to music, reading a book, watching a good film, going on a walk with your dogs,......

    Loneliness, i believe doesn't exist. it is a state of the mind where you choose to feel lonely. It's good sometimes to be lonely but it's up to you only to decide if you are enjoying it or not.

    Source(s): Personal experience
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    Think about the people that don't make you feel isolated or lonely, such as friends and family..

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    Focus on 'Mother Nature' ~ Appreciate how fortunate you are.....We have only one life to live, make it the best that you can do....

    Help others, be kind, polite, understanding, helpful....

    Love the planet, love your family, love Life!

    Do not take anything for granted!

    Take care!

    Be happy :)

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    Rent the movie magnolia.

  • 1 decade ago


    How about abusing ants or cockroach ?

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