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One reason that the United States became more urban during the late 1800s is that?

1: One reason that the United States became more urban during the late 1800s is that

farm machines and factory-made goods reduced the need for farm labor

nobody wanted to live on farms anymore

immigrants did not know how to do farm work

union organizing of farm workers had not yet begun

2: Where did European immigrants often settle in the United States?

in western railroad towns

in their ports of entry

in the South

near lakes

3: Prohibition groups saw a link between drinking and

abuses by big business

lower public morals

anti-Asian feelings

high tariffs

4: Reformers who tried to solve social problems by helping the needy believed that

immoral behavior should be punished by deportation

stricter laws were needed to discourage unacceptable behavior

prosperous Americans should lead reform efforts

the cultures of immigrant groups should be respected

5: During the late 1800s and early 1900s, what segment of American society was most likely to attend college?

wealthy white men

New Englanders

gifted students

middle-class women

6: During the early 1900s, most African Americans who went to college attended

fully integrated universities

African American colleges

religious-based schools

separate branches of white colleges

7: How did southern states keep African Americans from gaining political power?



voting restrictions

de facto discrimination

8: Why was the Open Door Policy important to the United States?

It gave the United States territory in China

It gave the United States access to millions of consumers in China

It increased Chinese investments in the United States

It kept European goods out of China

9: The United States followed a policy of expansionism in the late 1800s because

European nations were eager to sell rights to their colonies

many Americans were demanding high-quality foreign goods

US factories needed foreign laborers

the nation sought more markets for its goods

10: The first action of the Spanish-American War took place in

the Philippines

the Gulf of Mexico

the harbor at Santiago, Cuba

Puerto Rico

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    1. farm machinery and factory made goods made for a reduction in farm labor

    2.ports of entry

    3. lower public morals

    4. Wealthy Americans should lead reform efforts=philanthropy

    5. wealthy white men

    6. African-American colleges

    7. Voting restrictions

    8.It gave the US access to millions of consumers in China

    9. the nation sought more markets for its goods

    10. Puerto Rico and san Juan Hill( It is not Santiago, Cuba because that is the Remember the Maine incident that help precipitate the war not the forst action of the war itself)

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    you should post your questions 1-3 at a time... than maybe you'll get some answers...

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