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Who are your Top 5 Favorite Basketball Players of All Times? 5 Players That you Model your Game From?


#1- Kobe Bryant - The Fadeaway , What it takes to become the best.

#2 - Michael Jordan - The Fadeaway, What it takes to become the best.

#3 - Reggie Miller - The Jumpshot, The Ability to Play through Screens to get Open.

#4 - Dennis Rodman - Tenacious Defense

#5- Scottie Pippen- Defense

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    1. Micheal Jordan. Best fade-away. And a good leader.

    2. Kobe Bryant. Dominant in both ends. And an offensive force.

    3. Hakeem Olajuwan. A quick-center, that can run up and down the court. And has shooters touch for a center.

    4. Dennis Rodman. The best rebounder and a tenacious defender.

    5. Magic Johnson. Triple double machine.

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    contemporary gamers: a million. Kobe Bryant 2. LeBron James 3. Dwyane Wade 4. Dwight Howard 5. Deron Williams All-time: a million. Magic Johnson 2. Michael Jordan 3. Kobe Bryant 4. Larry chicken 5. Hakeem Olajuwon

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    G Michael Jordan Have all the skills to win

    SF Kobe Bryant Has All the skills to win

    PF Reggie Miller Clutch shot

    C Wilt Chamberlain Most dominate center

    PG Steve Nash. Most facilitator

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    1. MJ - Dominance on both ends of the court.

    2. Magic Johnson - Passing and showmanship

    3. Larry Bird - Passing and shooting

    4. Dr. J - Dunking and aerial feats

    5. Scottie Pippen - All-around skills

    *Honorable mention - Dennis Rodman - Rebounding and defense

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    Reggie Miller- clutch

    Dennis Scott (wasn't that good but excellent shooter)

    Penny Hardaway- was clutch back in the day

    Chris Webber- Excellent all around player

    Charles Barkley- Had a lot of heart for someone 6-4 that played center position at times.

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    1. Larry Bird - all-around brilliance

    2. Jerry West - Jump shoot with unlimited range, team player

    3. Bill Russell - Defense, Winner's attitude

    4. Elgin Baylor - Unstoppable offense

    5. Bob Pettit - hardwork, unrelentless

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    1 kevin garnett

    2 baron davis

    3 rasheed wallace

    4 chauncey billups

    5 david robinson

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    #1 Michael Jordan.

    That's it.

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