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what's up with?

all the violence these days?

now there's been shootings in Kansas City............................

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    I have asked myself this question over and over again!!!!! If any of us knew the answer to this, then we could fix it :) The only thing I come up with is people are CRAZY!!!

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    Kansas City???

    I didn't know that. I live in Missouri. I have family up there. Are you talkin' Kansas City, Kansas or Kansas City, Missouri? Cuz there is a difference.

    That's horrible though. I think these kids are just getting the idea from the other school shootings they see. This world is way to violent for my likeing......AWWWW......I have a kid.........I have a brain..........I have stress.........AWWWWW.......

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    and whats up with giving the shooters a name? the newscasters should not give them the respect of a name, rather just call them idiot number 73 or poot for brains number 15362.

    if they do the crime they should not be cowards and kill themselves. they should plead guilty in a court of law and ask that the kinsman redeemer of those he killed put him to death (father, brother, husband...)

    then after they are put to death then they can be called by their name. otherwise, they are not worthy.

    shrinks may or may not be good for tuning up a sound mind, but i am not so sure about their results with criminally insane. once they kill or rape your wife of daughter they should be put to death from 12 yrs old and up.

    lesser crimes will be addressed when i see a question about them.

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    That's what you get for not having gun laws ! there should be a registry where you have to go through ,where they do criminal checks & mental assesments before you can own a gun !!!!! How can a person get there hands on a machine gun anyway???? there is no need to sell these sorts of guns to the public at large !!!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    It's not just these days. There has always been violence. Gun violence has made it worse though.

  • Anonymous
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    nothing new really just the news hypes it up in spurts cuz its all the rage that and britney and paris have been a little low key lately

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    I hear about that. People get more and more wild when they hear others doing it.

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