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baby's mama wrong sign?

I was going out with this chick who seemed pretty cool, but she lied to be about her birthday. I'm an aquarius, and she told me she was a gemini, but then when I was borrowing some money from her purse, I saw her driver's license and she's a scorpio.

Water and scorpions do NOT mix. you know it's like desert and water, you pour water on the desert, and it sucks up all the water until it's dry and it's like the water was never there.

She's had my baby, so I don't know how to break up with her. Should I tell her I'm gay or it's not my baby or what?


astrology is my faith, okay.

If someone told you they were a presbyterian, or a methadone, and they turned out to be a hindu, you would be mad too.

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    H2O+desert=lush tropics

    deny the baby all you like, be prepared to pay for the DNA test & the diapers & the formula & the day care & the hospital bills.....

    I would be more concerned about her lying, maybe she doesn't really know what her sun sign is, whats her moon sign?

    you must've had some chemistry you are now a father!

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    particular, Dr.s may well be THAT off with the due date if the mum does not pay interest to her cycles and did no longer be attentive to whilst her final era became. basically simply by fact the toddler does not appear as if him does no longer advise it fairly is no longer his- look ahead to the outcomes. although if this is his, so be it. If he's with then you he's with you and additionally you're able to be grateful and start up ignoring this woman- each and every guy (and woman) has a prior. i might cancel your myspace and facebook debts and set up a clean account with a clean digital mail handle and profile call- sending a message to all your human beings in the previous you do so they are going to be conscious you would be contacting them out of your new profile. tell your boyfriend to no longer make jokes or exaggerate approximately killing himself- it fairly is no longer humorous and it fairly is downright insensitive. If he became legally seperated from his spouse he's not dishonest on her with you. Take a step back hunny- if he's a sturdy guy this might all get worked out with time- yet you're able to end stressing over it. substitute your digital mail, substitute your telephone quantity- do what you're able to take action she does not be able to harass you and shop shifting on along with your existence. the proper revenge is a existence nicely lived. reliable success with the paternity effects!

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    I don't really believe in zodiac. But before you make your decision you should ask her why she lied to you. If you can accept her reason and still love her you don't have to break up. Don't make such a hurry decision don't forget she is the mother of your baby. at least consider your child.

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    If you're going by astrological signs for a relationship something is really wrong with you.

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    Just let her know that you have lost interest in her and that you've been eyeing a girl for the past 2 weeks and you really like her. Make it something she can deal with. She'll get over it sooner or later.

    Good Luck!

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    Grow up. get real. cut hair and scrape that flavor saved off of your chin. No matter what you do your responsible for the child's welfare until 18. Get used to it.

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    she prob. lied b.c she knows how into signs you are.

    i'd leave her if i were you jsut because i think that girl deserves someone who would'nt dump her and her baby over a freakin sign !!

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    Dude the deed is done!

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    who cares what sign she is !!!

    you're willing to leave her because of a birthday..your sick get some help.

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    you are gay, put her money back and go find yourself a sugar daddy that will also pay your child loser

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