is there anything called heaven or hell in gods creations? If they are available then how to reach each.?

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    There are in every universe (there are almost unlimited universes) 14 planetary systems. These are different than the planets that are orbiting in our solar system, these are on different planes. The planetary system is divided into 3. there is the earthly existence- only one area there. Then there is upper planetary systems and the lower planetary systems. The upper are ruled by demigods, and are called heavenly planets. There are many levels of heaven, reachable by our different merits. These planets have great heavenly enjoyments, but they become more and more subtle enjoyment asyou reach the last planet, there is no regular mundane enjoyment, but it is like meditative bliss. (no hunger thirst sleep etc) The first of the heavenly planet is like sensual enjoyment maximus... Then the 7 lower planetary systems are ruled by demons. These are the hellish planets. Interestingly, except for the very lowest of these planets, they are at par with heavenly planets in opulence and enjoyment. The very lowest planets are extremely hellish, and full of suffuring.

    The way how to get to these places is simply your actions. you get sukriti, (pious activity.... points) or duskriti (impious activity points) Then it takes you to either heaven or hellish abodes... but where you can not just taste the fruits of your karma but create it is the middle earthly sphere. and this earthly sphere is also the only place where you can actually get out of the universe altogether. ;-)

    one more thing, all these places are completely temporary. you might be there for a very long time, but eventually you will run out of your merits- good or bad, and then leave off heaven or hell and again enter this middle planet.

    ps. we've probably been to heaven and hell millions of times already.

    Source(s): vedic sastra
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    Yes, their is heaven and hell in Gods creations.

    You want to reach heaven?

    Be good to your fellow man.

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    If any one knew how to reach heaven they would already be there instead of answering this in yahoo :p

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