How do I go about setting up an adult website?

What sort of things do I need to consider, i.e. legal requirements, opening a merchant accountto take credit card payments, choosing a web host, etc. Thanks :)

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    Starting an adult website is NOT difficult. . . .

    Legal: You must ensure that your models are of legal age and post a U.S. 18 2257 compliance notice on your website. Or you can use pre-made content from a website like the only problem with content like that is that it's not unique and other sites may offer the same content as you.

    Credit Card Processing: You do not have to have you own merchant account. You can use a processing system like to process your payments for you. This will save you heavy set up fees. Thay take a percentage of your sales instead. You will pay more in the long run, but for someone who is just starting up or for someone who is only making 1 or 2 websites and not a family of sites, it's easier to set up and cheaper to start off with.

    Web hosting: Most web hosts are pretty much the same. . . Just choose a linnux host for your cgi/php needs or choose a windows host if you plan to use asp. The cheapest host i've found is - it's not super fast so it wouldn't work well for webcam feeds and such, but it's great for a basic site.

    Hope this helps!

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    You will have to check around for hosting providers that will allow adult material. Be prepared to spend a lot of money on bandwidth if your site becomes popular at all. Free web hosts don't allow enough bandwidth for adult sites!

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    Thank you! extremely informative and offers me better knowledge on this subject

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