Have you had good luck buying electronics out of someone's trunk?

This is not a joke. It seems like a really good deal, and seller says that the item is brand new. Do you buy it at the really good price, or pay more and buy from a store?


I am just asking for an opinion, not to be accused of anything. So please don't say "Have fun with Bubba Joe in the 'Love Shack' or something'.

Update 2:

I would be saving about $25 from the lowest price online. Plus I wouldn't have to pay shipping. He says he can provide an invoice, but I don't know if that is true.

Update 3:

Oh and I didn't buy anything yet, just shopping. So all of you wanna-be cops can keep your guns in your holsters...

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    What ever it is it's stolen goods, maybe it just 'fell off a truck' but don't even ask - it is! Can you check with Consumer Reports? Can you see what the MSRP is? Is it a discontinued item? Defective? Is the model number on the item is the same one on the package? Can you go to jail? Can you return it if it works for only a week? (ha ha ha ha!)

    Knowing the above and more are do you still think it's a good deal?

    I might do it myself. Might. What is it?


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    ive had plenty of good deals buying out of someones trunk. i usually use craigslist.org to find these deals and take someone with me and meet at a busy area. Once a buddy of mine bought a car stereo from some guy and when he got home there was a brick in the box. So make sure you open it first and make sure it works.

    i wouldnt buy from the trunk unless your saving a ton of money. sometimes its worth paying extra for warranties etc. just buy safe items only.

    Source(s): www.craigslist.org
  • Actually, I was in New York last year and some guy was selling everything he had out of his trunk. He and his wife had just lost their house and they were selling what every they could to survive. It was really sad, he tried to sell me a brand new digital camcorder for $20. I gave him a hundred just because I could and he needed it. And I got a digital camcorder.

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    good question. normally I would say yes, go for it. but recently I have been doing international trading with china. and there are many factories there that make very low quality copies of brand name goods. for example I bought a PSP the other day for about $20usd, it looks like the real thing, but it won't read psp disks and it gets hot. so be careful.

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  • 1 decade ago

    had a friend that made a great living selling...extra stereo systems that just happened to not be on the invoice...IT IS ALWAYS A RIP-OFF....buy from an established store..if there is a problem at least you can find them!

  • 1 decade ago

    people who sell items out of their truck are usually stolen. Usually its a GREAT deal and can save you quite a bit of money. When i get a good chance to buy it cheap i go for it

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    1 decade ago

    I had two guys approach me in a van trying to sell me speakers... I told them to run up and alley and holler "fish". The speakers were probably filled with sawdust... it's a scam, ace.... tell them to hit the bricks and go peddle their wares to the Hell's Angels, see how much success they have there, before they are beaten to a pulp and added to a gas tank as pink mist.

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    It passes through my mind to buy cheap, but I don't trust too low prices because it has always something coming up!

    I buy from a store!

  • 1 decade ago

    The joke will be on you if you think of buying electronics out of someone's trunk.

  • 1 decade ago

    buy it from a store. he's most likely ripping you off and the item won't last as long or won't work at all.

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