JOKE!! Two guys walk into a bar down in T.J. Mexico. One guy tells his buddy 'The rest room looks like its

Out of order!' His drunkin buddy looks over at him and with a garbled voice say's Hmm 'Looks like your outta luck there bud' <laughing> Be right back. He walks out into the street and around the corner then left. unzippes it and proceeds , when suddenly he realizes that there was some hombre(man) with a huge sombrero(hat) crouched down right next to him behind a buro(donkey). Embaresed ,trying to zip up, he askes 'uhmmmmm What time is it senor(Mister)? The man looks up at him turns left towards the buro's arrss moves the tale to 1side looks at the buro's member, says ' 1 uhmm 2rrrrrryyy senor '(1:30) . In shock he ran back to his buddy in the bar, grabbed him by the arm and said 'You gotta see this bro. You really gotta see this. <smirking> Fine lets see . He took him back to the same spot and there was the hombre again in the same position on the ground. Watch this! senor?ask's him the same thing. His buddy in Shock, but how. "You see the clock tower over there pointing his finger!

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    bad grammar but I got it....

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    ha ha ha 2 points

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