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How do you clean crayon off of a LCD T.V. screen?

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    light cleaning products that aren't too strong (to protect your screens protective coating) and a damp cloth.

    it should be fine just dont press down too hard.

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    You Must Clean Your LCD Screen Properly In Order to Prevent Damage

    LCD screens need to be periodically cleaned to ensure you keep enjoying your TV or Laptop.

    But you must follow some simple guidelines to get the job done right.

    LCD Cleaning Tips

    Here are some helpful cleaning tips and guidelines:

    Unplug or turn off your LCD screen or device and closely examine the condition of the screen.

    Take notice of any smudges or areas to be cleaned.

    Use a Microfiber Cloth to remove any obvious dust and gently brush off any dirt particulars.

    Although you can clean any LCD screen with a 50/50 solution of distilled water/isopropyl alcohol, using

    an old cotton T-shirt or handkerchief, it is recommended that you acquire the proper cleaning solutions

    and cloths to clean your LCDs. Many of these LCD screens are very expensive items, proper cleaning kits

    such as Klear or iKlear should be used to clean and keep your LCD displays in a crisp clear pristine condition.

    Never spray any cleaning solutions directly onto the screen, spray it into the your cleaning cloth.

    Very, very gently wipe the screen in a circular motion. Do not press hard on the cloth. Let the cleaning

    solution do its job.

    Don't press hard or touch the screen with your fingers or you may leave oily prints and smears.

    Don't leave any liquid on the screen, remove all excess moisture as it may damage your screen.

    Let the LCD screen dry thoroughly before you switch it back on.

    For hard to remove stains or ink marks you may have to repeat this procedure several times. Don't apply

    hard pressure, remember you can also purchase special cleaners for heavy ink marks and the like.

    Word of Caution - it is always wise to check your owner's manual or contact your LCD manufacturer for the recommended

    cleaning method or advice for your particular LCD TV or Laptop Screen.

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    A damp cloth and hard work?

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    windex towel caution

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    nail polish

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    are ur kids normal?

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    good, wax-away?

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