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how to reduce body hair without using a hair remover cream?

i have too much body hair and i wanna get rid of it...can anybody help me out with a home remedy which is really very cheap....................sameera(actually sameer)

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    I don't think there is a really good permanent removal technique yet.

    The reason why I think this is that there are lots of hairy rich people.... for example actors, pro boxers, models. If there was really a permanent hair removal tool, then none of these people would bother with waxing just for special occasions.... they would just get rid of it surely?

    As far as I can see, waxing is still the most reliable and popular way to do it. Especially when you consider the outrageous cost of other methods.

    Source(s): My sister manages a beauty salon.
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    Using TURMERIC (also called as HALDI in india) regularly helps the hair not to grow, when used over some period of time. You can use this product (which is available everywhere in India as edible as well as bathing appliance, can also be found at Indian stores in foreign countries) which will also help in improving your body complexion along with reducing the hair growth considerably. Please visit an Ayurvedic doctor close to you for an advise. Good Luck...

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    Try "Liquid Laser".It works really well and the more you use it the less hair grows back and it comes back really light and some times grows back very very slowly or not at all.I love it.I had thick facial hair under my chin and it worked great.Its a bit pricey but well worth it.I get it through

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    The only thing that will get rid of it for good is probably lazer hair removal, but it's expensive.

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    you can heat up sugar and then spread it on use muslin cloth and take off hairs like waxing

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    Hey! Hair are boyz identity....Well..if you really wanna do so then consult a beautician...

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    shave wax or creams are your only option, shaving is cheaper but wax is quicker and lasts longer

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    Hours of meditation, mind over body....or you can just trim it once in a while.

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    there is something called "Shebbah", contact me to tell you where to get it from. Cheers :)

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    Shave it...

    Bleach it..

    Pluck it..

    Wax it...


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