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Would any girl here like to be my friend?

I'm manas sharma, indore, India.

I'm doing degree in medicine and surgery (mbbs).

Upto my school i was with both guys and gals. But as i grown up i get this thing in my behaviour that i could not compromise if i'm correct. And this thing seems to be a trouble to class girls.

So i don't have any girl a friend.

Even they avoid me.

It harms me alot.

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    I have enough know-it-alls in my life. So no, sorry. Cheers on the schooling though! Have you seen american movie "fatal attraction"? Or "Single white female"? Please watch these films before going online to ask american women to be your friend lol.

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    I don't really understand your wording.

    "Even they avoid me."

    "behaviour that i could not compromise if i'm correct"

    I'll be your friend though if your nice.

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    ok lets try to be friends on mail and work it out i wanna know u. i like to be a friend.. if ur me at hear yah!!!

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    Hai, c my profile, u ca talk to me via email or im.

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    i'll be your friend. :)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    to marry?

    if not then ok

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