How many percent of the Native Americans were affected by the Christianity conversion by the whites?

It's alright if its estimated... :)

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    All of them, but in different ways. After the contact period, white influence (which in this case also meant Christian influence) grew and grew, especially with the schooling system that was established. Carlisle alone saw over 10,000 students go through it, and with required attendence at the Christian services, it was very influential, as well as the missionaries that were established. As far as Native Americans converting to Christianity, I don't think I could even estimate it (Were you looking for those within the main 48 states, Canada, the entire N. Amer. continent?) Many have sort of bridged Christian traditions with their traditional beliefs.

    However, if you'd like some kind of numbers, page 36 of The American Religious Identification Survey (done by Graduate Center of CUNY in 2001) reports that 3% of the "Other" race catagory consider themselves "christian." Not much, but maybe a start...

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    Is this the actual original phrasing of the question you were set?

    Some how I doubt it?

    I can see a question like

    How were Native American (culture) s affected by Amerinds being converted to Christianity being set as as a question but how your teacher expects you to work out even a rough percent ...?

    I would say all Native Americans and their descendants have been affected since even those who still follow traditonal religious practices might have neighbours or family neighbours who are Christians to varying degrees.

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    What kind of question is that? You will only get the TRUE result if Native Americans answer

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    all of them were affected. As to how many converted, that's a altogether different questions. And it has to be subdivided into willing converts and those converted by the sword.

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