Depressing much?

Ok since everyone is using their freedom of speech to promote closed mindedness, I will use mine to ask a question.

What the Hell is wrong with people?

While trolling Answers I've come across alot of hateful, angry, racist, homophobic, various other-phobic, and horribly misspelled questions. Don't get me wrong, I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I feel very strongly about protecting freedom of speech...but does anyone find this a little strange?

That in this day and age their would be so much hate?

Has stupidity reached an all time high?

Will the human race ever really evolve?

I will now sit back and wait for the hateful judging, which is sure to come.

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    I'll go along with the crowd on this one, and agree that much of it is just that you have a *lot* of teenagers here, and the nature of the internet lets them feel more anonymous than what they really are. ^_^ Never mind that Yahoo *can* conceivably track really obnoxious folks by their email info and ban them by their email and/or ISP identification.

    But I think it needs to be said: Yahoo itself is part of the problem. Many people here--like myself at least some of the time--wouldn't *be* so ranty if Yahoo didn't have a policy of letting trolls, some of them clearly paid-for trolls, run amuck and abuse the crap out of the system. And there's been double and triple standards for this since day one, legit users like me end up not being "allowed" to ask Questions on the whole Violation Notice issue while trolls and bots get a free ride and *relentlessly* sprout new profiles, and it all boils down to what nation's server they are using...

    But yeah. Point is, while there are dumb, irritable and opinionated people here, a lot of us would be *less* dumb, irritated and opinionated if Yahoo got off of its duff and actually *used humans* to do something about the trolls and bots and really nasty idiots.

    I hope this helps a little...thanks for your time! ^_^

    Source(s): (and yes, I am a bit irritable and opinionated on some issues, mea culpa....but at least I know this and don't push it *every day*, all the time, a dozen identical posts at a time, the way the trolls do)
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    I that feels. I posted a question tonight and asked:

    "Can you think of one good thing that happened today?" And I posted it for this very reason. I was truly amazed at the positive, uplifting and insightful responses I got. Truly. There's some really beautiful caring people out there There's also some highly intelligent people out there that would be glad to help. That's where I'm trying to keep my focus on, as far away from those kind of things you mentioned as possible.

    I myself, love life, I love God, and love hearing from other happy, caring people who are enjoying life. Why should hatred questions fill the page? Why should we let someone's hatred stop us from enjoying our time on the computer, it's our day too. We can't let hatred and depression and take over this site.

    Just that one question I posted, brightened my day. I wanted to get my own and hopefully other peoples focus off of this subject and focus on something good for 5 minutes. Maybe change the mood a little. That was incredibly uplifting! So much so, that I've decided that this is the way I'm going to handle this whenever it starts getting depressing or when alot of anger's being passed back and forth.

    Despite all of that, there really are some awesome people out there,

    God Bless

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    No matter how much people speak on it, this section in particular, people are still going to say what they want. It's up to them if they care to get reported or not. I don't feel the need to be rude. I see that enough in my daily life at school, around my neighborhood. I don't like to argue or cause problems. I only comment when I'm being attacked or a friend, and I don't do it crudely, I do it logically and intelligently. There's no need for the hate.

    Krazy Libra

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    Not everyone is like that. There are still people who are really loving and Godly. This is because the world is filled with vices. What we need to do is pray for it. We don't have enough power to destroy these vices but we have freedom not to do them.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It's just attention seekers. It's usually kids who like to get a rise out of people. Older folks who are more mature do not do that sort of thing. It's just kids and immature people trying to create some shock value..

    ...for the most part...

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    Just this posting along as summed it up for me. My same thoughts. 100% agree.

    My mother always said," We are equal and if you don't have anything good to say about anyone, then don't say a word!"

    I am forever thankful my parents raised us children to love and treat people with the same respect we would want to be treated.

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    You would be amazed what the person next to you in line at the Grocery store were thinking if you could read their mind.

  • 1 decade ago

    I agree with the first answer (sorry, didn't see your name). It's just people looking to stir up conflict, so I generally overlook it. If it annoys me, its generally not worth my time.

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    1 decade ago

    I have noticed the same and put it down to attention seeking.

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