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Is there such a thing as a perfect vacuum, or would we tear a hole in the universe trying to make one?

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    strictly a perfect vacuum is space that doesn't contain any form of matter so it would be impossible to create a ''perfect'' vacuum.( due to the fact that matter always takes up any available space present.) it would violate the laws of physics if it was possible to do so.

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    In order to achieve a perfect vacuum one would need to have a lower vacuum than a perfect vacuum to pull the vacuum down to a perfect vacuum.

    There may be a perfect vacuum in science fiction and in theoretical physics but not in this universe or any other universe.

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    There is no such thing as a perfect vacuum, ANYWHERE.

    Quantum fluctuations occur all the time, in all different places; unless you can guarantee 0 density within a certain region, then it is not a perfect vacuum. (And we cannot GUARANTEE that anywhere - even within an atom - is a perfect vacuum).

    Lookup QFT.

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    There is perfect vacuum inside the atom between nucleus and electrons.

    There is vacuum in the space, if you take a small volume. If you take earth and sun also in the volume under consideration, of course, you will not find perfect vacuum. In small volumes, yes, there is perfect vacuum in space.

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