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Women, are their young girls in your community who are so wicked...?

that you just throw your hands up and say "I can't do anything with her!"

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    As a teacher I think we see what you are referring to, every single day. I often say to girls that their behaviour and attitude actually makes them very unattractive... the choice of language, threatening other people, the tough persona - it makes them seem very masculine and not at all attractive... telling them, in not so many words that they are making themselves come across as ugly to everyone who comes across them, often has a sobering effect on them.

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    Yes...but they come from abuse. I feel frustrated and also sad at the same time. Girls who have experienced abuse, by the nature of being without control in a situation, identify with their abuser...they usually respond in two ways. One, they can become an abuser themselves...manipulating everyone they have dealings with and getting a sense of control that they lacked in the abusive relationship they had before. Two, they can also become a perpetual victim...seeking out people who abuse because that is the only way they can feel "like home."

    The key is for people to be aware...and keep from falling into their traps. They should really be seeking counseling.

    PS...this happens to boys too.

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    Oh my GAWD, yes!!! I mean, I could do something with her, but I have kids and I don't feel like going to prison for the rest of my life, so I just avoid the heffa.

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    Yeah! There are few of them...One in my life :(.....!Without any reason she used to tease me and tell nonsense about me to others in school...I think she's jealous of me.!

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    Uh no. Learn how to spell moron.

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