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Anonymous asked in 教育與參考出國留學 · 1 decade ago

要辦CR1要先在台灣結婚嗎? 急!!~~(20點)









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    If you are married with your boyfriend, your boyfriend can petition you using I-130 from US.

    I am a US citizen and married a Taiwanese woman. What I did was to petition her by submit I-130 from US. Then my wife waited for 3 months before AIT mailed her subsequent forms and procedures to fill out and follow. It took her only 6 months to finish the whole procedure. (My wife and me got married in NZ while she was in her last year of study)

    You and your boyfriend can register at anywhere in the world provided that you have sufficient documents to prove that you two are really married.

    There is no quota for US citizens spouses, parents, and children. I think it is better for you and your boyfriend to get married first and have him petition you. This will save you a lot of trouble after you come to US. We even filled out all the forms ourselves.

    AIT cannot accept the I-130 petition from Jan 25, 2007. In the past, even the I-130 forms were submitted to AIT, the forms were sent to US for processing. So, there is not much difference from before. Ask your boyfriend to check the website of US Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) for details on how to do it.

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