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Electrical Engineering(M.S.)

Electrical Engineering(ENGR)

但無Electrical Engineering(M.Eng.)


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    It depends on school. For Stanford University and some other universities in US, Engr. degree is higher than MS degree. For example, Stanford University will require the same number of credits for Engr. degree and PhD in EE. The only difference is that PhD will require a dissertation which is more theoretical. Engr degree in EE will require to solve a complex engineering problem which is more practical in nature. Of course students are still required to submit a detailed report. Of course, there is no qualifying exam for Engr. So Engr degree is higher than MS. M.S. EE in Stanford University does not require a thesis at all. You only need to take class and sit in a comprehensive final exam. However, you need to check the school's requirement. Sometimes some schools may have different way of doing thing.

    Source(s): From my friend at Stanford
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