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It's an innovative solution to a worldwide problem, most recently dramatized by the catastrophic flooding that left thousands homeless in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. And at a time of great concern over climate change and rising sea levels, Dutch visionaries foresee a day when entire cities might float on the world's oceans.

"The number of people living on this planet is 6-billion now, and it will be 9-billion in 2050," says Frits Schoute, a retired engineering professor and an advocate of living at sea.

"Such overpopulation, and people are still migrating to metropolises, most of which lie in coastal regions. You will have these enormous pressures to colonize the sea."

For now, the reality is far more modest.

The Netherlands' largest floating community consists of just 46 homes, strung in a gaudy necklace of apple green, canary yellow and teal blue along a lake in the country's low-lying southeast. In 1995, heavy rains and snowmelt sent nearby rivers over their banks, forcing 250,000 from their homes and threatening many others.


近來在卡翠納(Katrina)颶風襲擊紐奧良(New Orleans)之後,災難性的洪水氾濫迫使數千人無家可歸,而漂浮住宅是一個解決全世界淹水問題的創新方法。對於氣候轉變與海平面上升的憂慮之際,荷蘭有遠見卓識者(visionaries)預見了整個城市可以漂浮在世界海洋上的一天。

荷蘭一位退休工程教授並且提倡在海上生活的Frits Schoute說:「全球現在有60億人口,到了2050年將高達90億」。


For now, the reality is far more modest.



請問句中的For now, the reality is far more modest.要怎麼翻譯呢??

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    For now, the reality is far more modest.




    modest : 緩慢的;不太多的;有節制的;少許的;適度的,



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