BOBBY DARIN飛越情海電影的主題曲

2004年凱文史貝西主演飛越情海BEYOND THE SEA, BOBBY DARIN的一生當中電影快結尾,主角又復出時唱的那首歌名是什麼?萬出感謝!

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    飛越情海 Beyond the Sea (2004)


    歌名:The Curtain Falls

    詞曲:Sol Weinstein

    表演者:Kevin Spacey 和 The John Wilson Orchestra



    1. Hello Young Lovers

    2. Once Upon a Time

    3. Fabulous Places

    4. Simple Song of Freedom

    5. The Curtain Falls

    6. Beyond the Sea

    7. By Myself/Lover Has Gone

    8. Some of these Days

    9. Change

    10. If I Were A Carpenter

    11. Artificial Flowers

    12. That's All

    13. As Long as I'm Singing

    14. Lazy River

    15. Charade

    16. Dream Lover

    17. Mack The Knife


    Off comes the makeup,

    Off comes the clown's disguise

    The curtain's falling, the music softly dies

    But I hope you're smiling as your filing out the door

    As they say in this biz that's all there is,

    There isn't any more

    We've shared our moment

    And as the moment ends

    I've got a funny feeling we're parting now as friends

    Your cheers and laughter will linger after they've torn down these dusty walls

    If I had this to do again

    I would spend it with you again...

    People say I was made for this

    Nothing else would I trade for this and just think I get paid for this ..

    Good night

    Ladies and gentlemen and God love you

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  • 我找到了,是第四首啦!謝謝你

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