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On myspace, how can i put pictures as captions without having them run into each other? like, widen that space

my picture captions run into each other and cut eachother off. how do i get that to stop? like, a code maybe?

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    <img scr= URL HERE!>

    for the picture caption


    <br> to space.

    use as many <br> to space to get farther and farther apart.

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    Well, you can change the font on the captions. Just use <font size="any number you want">


    Just put it in front of the text, so if you want it to make it smaller then you should use

    <font size="4">

    And to stop it just repeat it and put a / in it.


    <font size="4"/>

    This will end the font sizing.

    Source(s): Just Google it. Look up HTML text. That will show you how to do a whole lot of cool stuff. =]
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