E-sword question?

I have E-sword on my computer and the New International Version of the Bible is not on the program. Can anyone tell me why it's not included in the program???


BTW...E-sword is a program that has a couple dozen Bible versions that can be studied on your computer.

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    Most of the Bible translations on E-Sword are in the public domain, but the NIV is not. The copyright owners didn't agree to allow it to be used freely. I believe it's available for download, but you have to pay for it. There are several other translations that are the same way.


    No, I was mistaken. The NIV is not listed among the available translations. Here's the link to what is available. The $ sign indicates material that is not free:


    Edit #2:

    Why the thumbs-down? I use this program just about every day, and I know for a fact that not all of the material is free any more.

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    Go to your "start" menu and click on "all programs". You might have to actually install that software for it to work. Sometimes things show up but until you install them, they are like a package waiting to be unwrapped.

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    You have to go to "Bibles" and download it. It doesn't come preloaded with the program.


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    I don't know. It says in the front of my NIV that it is translated from the original languages. I don't understand what could be their problem....

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  • 1 decade ago

    try bible gateway.

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