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What current NHL or MLB players wear the number 18?

What current NHL or MLB players wear the number 18 on their jerseys?

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    Ryan Langerhans for the Atl Braves wears # 18. Moises Alou-Mets. Johnny Damon-Yankees. Daisuke Matsuzaka -Red Sox. Wes Helms-Phillies. Jason Kendall-Oakland A's. That is just some of the people that wear # 18 in the MLB. As for the NHL, Sergei Brylin of the NJ Devils wears # 18, and Mike Richards of the Flyers.

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    well the ones that come right to my mind are Dice-K of the RedSox and Damon of the Yankees. But I did research and found all the number 18's in baseball. here it goes- Diamondbacks- Chad Tracy. Braves- Ryan Langerhanns. Dodgers- Ramon E. Martinez. Angels- Orlando Cabrera. Brewers- Gabe Gross. Twins- Jason Bartlett. Mets- Moises Alou. Phillies- Wes Helmes. A's- Jason Kendell. Giants- Matt Cain. Blue Jays- Tomo Ohka. Those are all the MLB teams with a player with the number 18. All the other MLB teams don't have a player wearing 18.

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    Jason Kendall - Oakland A's

    Tomo Ohka - Toronto Blue Jays

    Gabe Gross - Milwaukee Brewers

    Chad Tracy - Arizona Diamondbacks

    Ramon Martinez - LA Dodgers

    Matt Cain - San Fransisco Giants

    Moises Alou - New York Mets

    Wes Helms - Philadelphia Phillies

    Daisuke Matsuzaka - Boston Red Sox

    Johnny Damon - New York Yankees

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    Moises Alou on the Mets is the only other one I can think of. Jose Valentin wore it last year, but changed to #22 for Alou's arrival.

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    johnny damon - yankees

    daisuke matsuzaka - red sox

    orlando cabrera - angels

    moises alou - mets

    chad tracy - diamonbacks

    matt cain - giants

    jason bartlett - twins

    wes helms - phillies

    jason kendall - athletics

    tomo ohka - blue jays

    sorry i dont know hockey at all

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    Wes Helms of the Phillies.

    Mike Richards of the Flyers.

  • Boston
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    Dice K on the Red Sox and Johnny Damon (*****) on the Yankees

  • Anonymous
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