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16 bars of high school musical song?

I have to sing 16 bars of a high school musical song for an audition and i am not quite sure what that would be...?

my song is Bop To The Top sung by Ryan and Sharpay...

please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Ok so what you want to do is find some part of the verse to sing that leads into the chorus that way they can hear your voice in both pats just count out 16 bars of the song to do this you need the sheet music you should be able to download it off of a site google it and im sure you'll find it

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    This may be an entirely unneccessary bit of information, if you are already knowledgeable about musical notation, but I just wanted to make sure that you do understand what is meant by a 'bar' of music. It's a measure. So, 16 bars means 16 measures.

    Pick whatever stretch of 16 you feel most comfortable singing!

    And good luck.

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    here is a website were you can get the lyrecs i would also listen to the song and see wicht part you like best and sing the best.

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    [Ryan:] Mucho gusto [Sharpay:] Hay que fabulosa Ay ay ay [Ryan:] Ariba [Sharpay:] Quieres bailar [Ryan:] Mirame [Sharpay:] i've got faith in dreamin' Shootin' for the celebs [Ryan:] infant to be variety one you have have been given to strengthen the bar [Sharpay:] Kickin' and a scratchin' Grindin' out my ultimate [Ryan:] something it takes To climb the ladder of fulfillment [the two:] paintings our tails off on a daily basis Gotta bump the competition Blow all of them away [Ryan:] Calienté [Sharpay:] Suavé [Sharpay:] Yeah we are gonna [the two:] Bop, bop, bop Bop to the actual [Ryan:] Slip and slide and experience that rhythm [the two:] leap and hop hop 'til we drop [Sharpay:] and commence lower back Zip zap zop Pop like a mop [Ryan:] Scoot around the nook [the two:] pass it to the groove 'Til the music stops Do the bop bop, bop to the actual do certainly no longer end Bop to the actual Gimmie, gimmie Shimmy shimmy Shake some booty and turn around Flash a grin of their direction [Sharpay:] tutor some muscle [Ryan:] Do the hustle [the two:] Yeah we are gonna bop, bop, bop Bop to the actual [Ryan:] Wipe away your inhibitions [the two:] Stump, stump, stump do the rump [Sharpay:] And strut your stuff [the two:] Bop, bop, bop directly to the actual Going for the dignity we will keep stepping up And we purely won't end (end) 'Til we attain the actual Bop to the actual

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