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will doctors prescribe diet pills to slightly overweight people?

i am about 20lbs overweight for my height and i was wondering will doctors prescribe diet pills to someone like me who is slightly overweight ?

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    Sadly the only percription you'll recieve is to simply eat rgiht and exercise. Being a nutrition consultant for GNC I can tell you that there are a plethora of diet pills out there, yet diet, weight, hight, exercise history, and underactive/overactive thyroid are all contributing factors as to which one to buy. Another question is whether you are you looking for something to curb your appetite or something to burn fat (accelerate metabolism).

    If you're looking for something to curb your appetite I'd reccomend Hoodia (make sure it's certified & derived from South Africa) or crommium if you're a diabetic.

    To accelerate your metabolism I'd say Lean Tabs would be your best/safest bet. Other wise RedLine, Lipo6x, and Methel Ripped are all great choices if you dont have heart problems and are not on any anti depressiants.

    Hope I helped.

    BTW - Lean Tabs are very expensive, yet also very worth it.

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    No. They will tell you to cut out the garbage (cake, cookies, chips,etc.), and eat a lot of fruits and veggies, lean meat, chicken, and tuna.(tuna in water is great) Drink lots of water. and be sure to MOVE. Walking is great exercise. Take a brisk 20-minute walk daily if you can. If not, swimming is great or a treadmill or a stationery bike. Don't go to sleep full. You'll feel so much better in the morning. The less you eat and the more you move, the quicker you can get that 20 pounds off. Let's say in 2 months from today, okay? Okay!!

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    initially, its in no way secure for human beings under eighteen to be ingesting food habitual pills in spite of what a doctor says. a large number of the recent food habitual pills paintings -and that they paintings close to to around the time that's on the field. So confident take them. yet warning: you comprehend why they paintings? simply by fact they liquidate each little thing on your equipment. rather clean out each little thing that would desire to assist fat on your physique. and that they arrive out the organic techniques... "Six weeks and you will look like this!" Yeah, six weeks of diarrhea.

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    talk to your doctor. they will vary in their response. Mine would be for you to diet and eat less and exerices more.

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