conversation ideas for IM?

i have these friends from elementary that i just got back in touch with since i moved in like 3rd grade i talk with them on IM and stuff but like never see. what are some good starters and subjects to talk with them about i mean i say wat's up how was ur weekend but conversations are short and i just end up having a strech of quite the IM thing just sits there and sometimes they just leave. I also have a cousin whos the same age as me and i want to get to know her better since i've only seen her a few times but i dont want to sound stupid or anything

btw all of them are girls


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    1 decade ago
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    Maybe your friends and cousin are talking to other people in the IM. Or they you they could be growing away from you (distance) I have had it happen before. I used to know a lady that I would talk to every day on IM. She stopped talking to me in 2003. Thus year she e-mailed me... It feels different.. Now she thinks we can start off where we began. But I do not see that.

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    Welll..The best way to get a conversation going is to ask them questions about themselves, if you just got back in touch with them..ask them if they've met any cute new guys, what they're into now, what kind of music they like, where do they hang out, what stores do they shop at. stuff like that. and it should start a conversation.

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    ask them whats on their mind and show that you are reaching out to them and trying to start a conversation with them. They are most likely just like you, wondering what they can say to start a conversation. If they see you are interested in them and are friendly they will no doubt start opening up.

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