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Should I switch schools?

Ok well...I'm really unhappy in my school right now. I'm having troubles with all my friends, they just aren't who I picture spending the last two years of high school with. I'm going into grade 11 next year, and I was thinking maybe I could start over fresh and new in a new school with new people. I have no problems making friends. Do you think this would be a good or bad move? I feel like I have nothing to lose. At all.


another thing is my boyfriend goes to another school, but it wouldnt be the one im switching too since it's not close enough to my house, anyway he usually comes to pick me up at lunch because i cant STAND being in my school! Ugh!

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    if you dont feel comfortable with your "friends" at your school right know it could affect other aspects of school

    you should switch if that is the case

    since you dont have anything to lose then go

    your only a teenager for awhile

    it wont last forever so dont let your memories of high school be something you dont like

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    I just feel that you shouldn't move and give it a chance. Just think it over. It just wouldn't be right even if you have good social skills. Just think it over and I just think it's a bad decision. Life isn't perfect!

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    yea switch schools.

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