What if someone you love, loves some other guy? and you dont want thme to go out?

ok so i've been going out with this girl for 6 months then we broke up, its been like 5 months but i still love her. and now she's ABOUT to go out with a guy. i dont want to them to go out and i told her that, we're good friend and i'm happy that way. i mean like its not like i have to go out with her i just dont want her to go out with other guys. make me really uncomfortable. Should i still be friends with her? i'm scared that if she goes out with this guy there wont be anytime for me. what can i say to her to keep her from going out with him? i just cant bear the thought of some other guy kissing a girl i kissed. its just so painful ><

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    Well i think u should tell her how u feel and still try to maintain a decent friendship. You should also be happy for her no matter what she decides to do.

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    You can't do anything about it, except change the way you feel about it. If she's your friend, truly, you should want her to be happy, even if that means going out with another guy. If you want to remain friends with her, you'll have to step back and allow her to do what she will and try to stand by her. You'll have to control your jealousy and try to move on yourself when you're ready.

    You can explain your feelings to her and state that you don't expect her to do anything but that you wanted to express them and see what she feels/thinks about it, but that can be tricky because it might make things tense between you two.

    It's hard for people who once dated to remain friends. I wish you luck.

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    You can't control her. So........allow yourself to let other friends in, go and meet new people. You can still remain friends with her, but keep it just friends because if you go back and forth with her you'll get your heart stomped on even more. Accept that you're both friends and keep it at that.

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    5 months is hardly enough time to find that u love someone, u sound young, you have plenty of time.

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    Hmm...I asked a question similar to this


    Really a simple answer

    Hope this helps!

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    she is gonna do what she wants you cant stop her from being with someone else all that is going to do is push her away

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    load your gun.

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