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She always wants to talk late/PISSES ME OFF?

So im talking to this girl, And we normally talk around 9pm till when ever.. But the thing is everytime she calls we talk and like 1hour later she is sleeping and thats not the problem.. Its everytime i say something like well... Im gonna go now she's like "NO i want to talk to you" and i'll reply and say Well you are drifting off to sleep and i don't want to get annoyed. So for the passed week i have to sit on the phone for like 2 extra hours until she is like Ok im sleepy now.

WTF? Should i stop talking to her all together?

Because it honestly PISSES ME OFF

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    dude she likes you and can not get enough of you....otherwise she would let you go without any problem. Sounds like your not into it at all otherwise you'd be excited about it...Go ahead and save her the hurt later down the road. I'm in the exact same situation with the girl I am talking to. She wants to stay on the phone until she falls asleep everynight and I think thats freaking great. Of course I have been working on her for the last 3 years and now she's finally into me as much as I her. You need to find someone you look at in the same light!!

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    Set boundaries! I will call you at 9:00 PM and we can talk until 10:15 or 10:30 PM, then I have some things to do OK? If she says NO, then continue talking with her, and every now and then be very quiet, and when she starts talking to you, you can always say 'Gee, I must have fallen asleep. Sorry about that"> Whats' good for the goose, is good for the gander.

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    Make up an excuse. Like, you have to go to the bathroom or take a shower since it's at night. No one ever said you HAVE to talk to this girl.

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    when you are ready to finish the conversation - tell her you will talk to her tomorrow,say goodnight and hang up.

    She seems to be a control freak - that's what is pissing you off.

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    Just say like you have to do homework or something.

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